Study in Germany for Indian students:

Germany has become an amazing study-abroad destination for Indian students. German universities and education are synonymous with Indian curriculum and interests. The number of Indian students studying in Germany has increased in huge numbers. There are more than 18,000 Indian students in Germany and this number is expected to increase up to 24,000 by 2020. There are a lot of factors that make Germany a highly preferred country by Indian students.

There are a few differences in the German education system. As one the best consultancies in Punjab, Edufinn has helped 100s of students in applying for their further studies in Europe. All of their reviews have helped Edufinn in helping the students in a better way. We could help students in interacting with the students already studying in Germany to give them an insight into the universities there. Let us go ahead and understand in what ways is Germany a great option for Indians to study as international students.


Germany has 100s of courses to choose from and these cover almost every field that could be thought of. A few german universities are ranked among the top 100 in the world. The research institutes in Germany are among the very best at global standards. German education is known for its automobile, business and research studies. Study in Germany for Indian students has been a great option in multiple fields. Most mechanical engineers are enthusiastic about studying automobile in Germany. Statistically, this particular course is ranked the best in Germany.

One thing that gives Germany more preference over other countries is its international gateways and ease to explore. It shares its boundaries with Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherlands and a few more. This geographical advantage that opens up to several trading hubs in Europe makes business studies in Germany an amazing experience. Business and commerce courses in Germany are very vast and have specializations included.

The fact that Germany is among the top 5 strongest economies in the world and has impeccable trade options allows students to learn practically. Students are provided with opportunities to work in summer and have academic internships which teach them a lot about real working conditions.

On the other hands, there are a few students who are much interested in different fields of science and wan to continue their research on them. Theoretical physics, nuclear chemistry, astrophysics, and many more research options are available in German universities. There have been Nobel laureates and science field winner from Germany. Students who go for research from India go on to settle there and contribute to science.


Universities in Germany are almost free. This applies to native, EU, Indians and every other student around the globe. Public universities in Germany would only need necessary deposits that cost not more than 500 euros a semester. Although private universities charge tuition fees. This varies according to the course you are opting for and the university. The tuition fees in private German universities are way cheaper than those of British and American universities. Except for consecutive masters programs that are specific and require work experience. Consecutive master’s degrees cost 20,000-30,000 euros.

Studying in Germany for Indian students require 13 years of schooling. Because our education system has only 12 years of schooling, one more year is used to get a certified German language course taught at very few Indian institutes and German institutions. Learning German boosts studying and working options for Indian students in Germany. Edufinn has handled a lot of students who were interested to study in Germany and with all the trusted review we encourage you to explore Germany as a study-abroad option.