Construct and Layout

Sleek and well are. The gadget is constructed. Once you knock on the rear of a metallic telephone, you have the impression the sheet of alloy may be rather thin. That is not true . The Samsung Galaxy J6 feels well constructed and that’s a fantastic thing. In age and a day it is wonderful to find that a smartphone using a metal construct.

The front is display with no buttons. Over the screen you’ve got the earpiece alongside which rests flash and camera. The rear of this unit has the camera. It might be that my palms are somewhat small to use with this particular gadget.

If there’s 1 location it’s with its layout and construct. It’s well constructed, fits comfortably in 1 hand, even though one handed usage is not the most easy. It does not possess a top notch, something I am very happy about along with the committed microSD card slot is always a cure.

Sound and display

In other words, the screen is 720p. On a 5.6-inch screen, it might have been fantastic to find a 1080p screen. Where the screen succeeds is using generous viewing angles and its colors. Viewing content from YouTube, Netflix or even Prime Videos is a cure and there are instances when you could be bothered with the resolution particularly if you’re coming with an FHD screen.

The screen on the Galaxy J6 comes with an mode that makes the display brighter for screening. Unless you’re actively utilizing the screen this mode turns off at 15 minutes. Maintaining the telephone will allow it to be a battery guzzler. You have an choice to toggle the light that is blue off to remove eye strain. The screen includes choices like Adaptive Display which alters the preferences based on use, AMOLED Cinema and AMOLED Photo which basically lowers the blue filter and a fundamental mode with feels much like the AMOLED Cinema and AMOLED photograph style.

All in all, the screen is fine if you’re one which will consume a good deal of video content on the move due to the vibrant colours it signifies. This usually means you are going to wind up correcting the display’s brightness each moment. Consequently, when you’ve put it to full brightness to be used in daily and suddenly should use it when you’re in the mattress in pitch darkness, then you’ll have a burst of total brightness in your face and will want to manually adjust the amount of brightness. The shortage of auto brightness may become annoying.

This is not the first time we’ve observed a speaker’s positioning across a Samsung smartphone’s side. This positioning is intriguing.


Then you are going to feel right at home In case you’ve used a Samsung phone previously. In the flagship S string like navigation buttons into the simplicity with which you can look for the configurations,’TouchWiz” has come a very long way.

The UI is fluid with programs speedy and open multitasking between programs. You might add two programs to the screen to get multitasking that is seamless. While viewing YouTube whatsApping is currently handy. It is also possible to add some of your favorite apps to utilize in multiwindow for a shortcut to the home display that’s fine.

It is once you’ve got a good deal of programs open you will observe a few stutter in the event that you have Chrome tables available. Just how long will 3GB of RAM maintain the UI fluid is some time.

Like we have mentioned previously can multitask with ease which works. At the moment we spent together with the telephone, it stuttered just when multitasking.

So far as benchmarks are involved, there is nothing. The functionality is lower compared to the Redmi Note 5 Guru along with the Asus Zenfone Max Guru M1 on newspaper and you’ll be able to take a look at the benchmark scores from the pictures below.

Coming to gambling, with GameBench, we have an average FPS of 26 when playing with Asphalt 9 for approximately 20 minutes. Should you play with casual puzzle games or matches which are not rather heavy, you ought to do fine with this particular gadget. But if hard core gaming on the move is what you’re searching for, then you will find different mobiles to take into account in this price range like the Redmi Note 5 Guru along with the Asus Zenofne Max Guru M1.


If it comes to the optics, the Samsung Galaxy J6 includes a camera at the rear and the front. The smartphone’s back and the front includes a 13MP camera and an 8MP shot, respectively. Kicking off with the camera, it’s ordinary at best. If the lighting is great, you’ll receive pictures which you could share on social websites with no worries. Set on a track and blow it up and you’ll observe that they lack details. The camera program on the smartphone includes a whole lot of modes like attractiveness, pro, decal, constant shot and much more that you play with. The mode that is Guru provides you the capacity to control white balance, ISO and exposure.

Low light photography is the point where the camera endures. It takes too much time to focus to start with and also the shake could lead to the picture. This is a result of a deficiency of EIS or almost any OIS . The issue of sound is that there in low light photography.

Speaking of front facing camera it is for the social networking article. It’s a broad selfie manner where you pan the camera left and right to cover a broader field of view and the outcome was largely obscured due to the motion of my hands. This is nothing, although is a focus manner as well that will offer your selfie a impact.

Battery existence

3000mAh is on paper at least about the spectrum in this price range life, If it comes to battery. The battery life is if you’re an ordinary user, something which may last you. Beginning the day with battery I had been in the close of the day which involved my slew of messages and calls combined with a Asphalt 9 races along with a few YouTubing. I retained this telephone on the side’s brightness and more the absence of automobile brightness will pinch. With automobile brightness on this apparatus, I believe I might have squeezed a few battery life out.

There’s a good deal of competition from the cost section that is 15k. The Samsung Galaxy J6 doesn’t conquer on our winners — the Redmi notice the Asus Zenfone Max Guru M1 inside this price category concerning total functionality or 5 expert. It will have a couple things going for this. The smartphone has been well constructed, simple to use and also the Super AMOLED screen is a cure to absorb on articles. The battery life is decent. If you’re searching for a performance workhorse that has a camera that is fantastic build and layout you are better off considering among the opponents.