YouTubers have started to make a career out of their video-making skills and a few have started their daily vlogs successfully. Blogs have gained a lot of popularity in the last 3-4 years. To begin is always tough, one of the first questions that come in mind is how will I shoot videos for YouTube? After considering different factors we have come up with a list of 15 cameras that work ideally well for YouTubers.

When you buy or rent a camera or the entire setup to shoot YouTube videos it is very important that you consider the feature that you would want in it. The camera should have good video quality and stabilization, budget, portability, recording capacity, battery life, etc. It all depends on what you are trying to capture.

YouTubers shoot with different perceptions and objectives. Travel vloggers look for portability, dynamic range and high quality of zooming pictures. On the other hand, beauty vloggers require sharpness to help the viewers see the real picture. Daily vloggers need to capture for 24 hours, they need great battery life, portability, and stabilization. Let us have a look at these cameras that will match all your needs.


Here, we will discuss the best cameras for capturing anything as video content for YouTube.

1.    Smartphone Camera

2.    GoPro HERO4 Silver (Updated Version: GoPro HERO7)

3.    Canon Vixia HF R72

4.    Logitech C930e

5.    Panasonic HC-V10 Digital

6.    Canon T6i (Updated Version: Canon T7i)

7.    Canon Powershot G7 X (Updated Version: G7 X Mark II)

8.    DJI Osmo (Updated Version: DJI Osmo+)

9.    Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV (Updated Version: RX100 V, RX100 VI)

10.    Canon 70D (Updated Version: Canon 80D)

11.    Sony a7R II (Updated Version: a7R III)

12.    Canon 5D Mark III (Updated Version: 5D Mark IV)

13.    Sony PXW-X70 4K Ready XDCAM Camcorder

14.    Panasonic Lumix GH4 (Updated Version: GH5/GH5S)

15.    Canon C100 Cinema Camcorder (Updated Version: C200)


DSLRs is the abbreviation for Digital Single-lens Reflex cameras. If a camera is qualified as DSLR it assures that the camera will probably never face quality issues unless an extraordinary situation is posed at it. The focus point, depth, and color production are very natural. But DSLRs have their cons too. These cameras are expensive irrespective of their consistency. When handling a DSLR camera the videographer has to learn complete handling of the camera. The weight and manual work add to it. Therefore if you are someone who likes to shoot videos in-depth or shoot in a room then this is a win-win situation.


Mirrorless cameras have surely gained their market space is constantly improving the era of cameras. The first observable advantage in mirrorless cameras is its lighter weight. This makes it more portable than DSLRs. It has an interchangeable lens, versatility, and the most important of all on par quality. If you are looking for something that can replace your DSLR and cut down on price and portability then this is the right option.


Another brilliant category of cameras that get a lot done in a small package is the point and shoot cameras. With features that are very similar to that of a DSLR, the fact that these cameras are compact enough to fit in your pocket makes it a perfect catch for vloggers. It gives sharp image quality and perfectly good for handling vlogging content with a stand to hold.


If you are someone who loves to go adventure spots and shoot some rough footages then you need an action camera. Let it be underwater diving, skydiving, mountaineering or surfing action cams can fit in any challenge thrown at it. They are good at taking first-person perspective videos. The durability of action cams is better than the most expensive bigger cameras. These cams can take splashes of water and sometimes a bad hit on the ground too.


Camcorders are cameras that are dedicated to videography. Expecting good pictures out of them would not be an ideal argument. They are lighter in weight when compared to other cameras. They have great video and storing capacity, and are extremely potable.


It shouldn’t be surprising to know that quite a few vloggers use their smartphones for recording videos. Smartphone cameras have improved by a huge margin since they were just good. Since the pixel 3 was introduced last year, smartphone cameras have got a new level of reputation which gives YouTubers enough confidence to out with their smartphones.


The aim of these youtube channels is not just making the visual content but also conveying the right information. You cannot rely on the inbuilt mics on these cameras. They wouldn’t cancel noises and effect your videography heavily. To enhance your youtube content an external mic is much needed.

To begin with, let us get familiar with the pros and cons that different types of microphones have.

Rode VideoMic: For professional use and captures equally good sound from all four sides.

Yeti Snowball-Blue Mics: Have an excellent voice-over capturing.

USB condenser Mic-Blue Mics: Can be used as an omnidirectional mic or unidirectional mic.

Audio Technica ATR 3350: Great for covering uninterrupted two-dimension sound. The best choice for interviews and shows.


Lapel Mics:

These mics are an ideal type for vloggers. Also known as lavalier mics, these simply clip to your shirt and allow the entire audio recording hand-free. For giving demonstrations too lapel mics are very useful.

Shotgun Mics:

Shotgun mics are simple yet very useful for an unusually noisy environment. It mounts on the hot shoe of the mic and enables audio in one direction. This restricts any sound coming from other directions. For travel bloggers who have to face public places and hit the road opt for shotgun mics.

Condenser Mics:

Condenser mics are used for a controlled environment which wouldn’t require a lot of shielding or noise restrictions. They are vastly used by in-room YouTubers such as beauty or unboxing videos.


YouTube has reached much greater height in the last decade. While old YouTubers are trying to enhance the quality of their content every year, newer ones are looking to make the best out of available resources. If you are a beginner, it is obvious that investing too much in the equipment and video gear would be unnatural. It is always better to test before spending 100s of dollars and understand which camera you would want to continue with for your YouTube channel.

Let us have a look at different ranges of cameras in terms of pricing, ability, manual handling, and productivity.


Smartphones cameras have gained immense popularity among tech-groups. Not only that they are good for photography in general but also because of 4K video recording and portability. In 2018, when the pixel 3 was released, smartphone cameras set a new standard. While this had only one camera that could perform extremely well other smartphone cameras use multiplicity to get amazing photos and videos. Many smartphones have up to three cameras that have a telephoto lens and depth sensors. All this could be found in between $600-$1000. The Huawei P flagship, galaxy note, and a few other devices are catching right along.

GoPro HERO4 Silver:

GoPro’s are an amazing choice of cameras. They are adjustable to any situation and are very durable. The quality of videos on GoPro is fabulous and on par with any YouTube standard. They give a different perspective to the videos. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that feature GoPro. They are used for giving the first-person perspective in sports-related videos and travel videos. For adventure sports and underwater shoots also GoPro could be a pretty good deal. The frames per second can be adjusted as per the situation that is being recorded. The camera is consistent and shall perform equally well at all times.

GoPro HERO7 Black

Upgradation to the previous GoPro model, the hero7 black has sold at a very fast pace. It is a spec up-gradation in every way and is almost identical on the outside except for a few placements that are enhanced for better reachability. It includes a 12 MP camera which qualifies for 4K video recording. It has adjustable 60 FPS and all of it is enclosed in a waterproof body.

GoPro HERO7 Black is an overall package that fits right in for adventure sports, underwater or sky-high videography and also FPP shoots.

Canon Vixia HF R72:

There are a ton of things that bigger and expensive cameras include that might not be needed for average vlogging and demonstration videos. The Canon Vixia attempts to remove most of the extras and bring down the price further to make a better deal. This camera is very powerful and can be called the best camcorder for the price. It has a zoom range that goes up till 57x and is accompanied by an image stabilizer at all points. It does have an external mic port and Wi-Fi connectivity. With a screen that can tilt, the R72 is highly recommended.

Logitech C930e:

For a modest QnA, unboxing or tutorial video, this webcam by Logitech is simply amazing. It attaches properly on your computer and can record 1080p videos. YouTubers who fall in the category of gaming, featuring or in-room demonstrators can opt for the C930e webcam. It has a disadvantage that it is not portable but then it does cut a lot on the price if you are an indoor YouTuber.

Panasonic HC-V10 Digital:

A smaller yet impressive camcorder that can shoot at 25 FPS and has half D resolution to its videos. Because it isn’t 1080p it has issues during recording videos in low light conditions. But it is a great cam, to begin with for lifestyle YouTubers.


It is time to go one step further in terms of quality for your YouTube videos. When you look for cameras in a budget range that goes till $1000, there are much better options to choose from. The lower boundary of specs will always be on or above a certain level. For example, all these cameras will be capturing at least 1080p videos. They can be tagged as almost DSLR category recording cams that are cheaper and have lesser manual control. On the other hand, they do have better image quality, dynamic range, motion view, and stabilization.


This amazing small package by canon is becoming the preferred camera option for many YouTubers who are getting into DSLR quality recording. It is amazing for even fashion photography and rarely disappoints the photographer. The color production is fairly saturated and brings out the natural colors from the image background. This entry-level DSLR packs in a lot of power and has a crop sensor which will be observably better than many other shooting devices. 19 cross autofocus point, capable of recording 1080p videos for a significant period, no heating issues, and a flip screen, all of these basic requirements are checked. This camera is one of the best in the market for the price and job.

Canon Rebel T7i:

This is an up-gradation to the already impressive T6i. This camera falls in the digital SLR category and qualifies to perform extremely well in all aspects. It tries to bag-in crazy video quality and manual options without compromising on the portability of the camera. It has an optical viewfinder that is rated all-cross type 45-point. The 24.2 MP eye is very consistent and satisfactory. It can perform equally well for usual shoots or Live View videos.

It has an LCD touch screen that enables us to find proper focus while adjusting to a subject and zooming in or out. Let it be travel, events, or even aerial shoots, this cam gets the job done. It is among the best beginning options for digital SLRs.


The G7X emerged as one of the best cameras for the price and size that it came in. It has a 1-inch sensor which is bigger than some bigger cameras when compared with this little beast by Canon PowerShot series. It lacks a bit in low-light conditions but performs as good as a DSLR. It is the best option for blogging because of the size and rich quality that can move around in your hand. And irrespective of the type of channel it could be an ideal choice for almost everyone.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark 2:

The G7X was a great camera in almost every way. It received a great response in the market and a lot of YouTuber were using it already. This inspired canon to upgrade it and as a result, Mark 2 was released. Let us review what advancements it had on a comparative note. The Mark 2 has faster FPS recording, dual image sensing accompanied by stabilization feature. The LCD screen was still there but brighter and more viewable outdoors. Though it isn’t the best vlogging camera, it certainly as a long-range shooting capability and amazing dynamic range that can be taken to travel almost anywhere.


DJI is a well-known name in electronics devices and has been producing some fantastic production tools. This is the first action cam being featured on the list and deserves the spot. OSMO is a compact camera that can shoot in extraordinary situations. It can handle rough conditions and be able to capture 4K videos. Mountaineer, skydivers, paragliders, this camera is fit for every adventure lover. The company also offers Gimbal Stabilizers for smartphone shooting people.


The OSMO + is identical to its predecessor except on the inside which is slightly enhanced and is worth the price hike from original OSMO. The camera provides 2x zoom without any loss in sharpness or detail and the original zoon is enhanced by 3.5x. It has a much wider shooting range and a maximum aperture of 2.8f which goes till 5.2f on the telephoto. It is much easier to handle due to the added functionalities which makes it a good camera for time lapsing videos that would require smoother transitions.


The RX100 is among the most popular cameras to have released in this form-factor. It is an absolute powerhouse that can do almost everything. It is light in weight and can slide in your pocket. This means you can have a pocket camera that can shoot 4K videos at different fps that goes up to 1000. It can shoot in any situation and lighting. The RX100 is easily one of the best cameras you will find on the list.


The RX100 VI is not just an up-gradation to the RX line-up by Sony, it is a full-frame mirrorless camera which allows it to have enhanced capabilities while remaining light in weight. It is still portable and can work with unbelievably improved zooming capacities without losing detail in the scene. The AF system makes camera handling and transition in frames smooth. There is no observable delay to adjust focus in even fast-moving conditions. The video quality is hiked to UHD and the 4K shooting ability tests videographers’ skills. These Sony cameras just keep improving every year.

Canon 70D:

Canon 70D is a proper DSLR that vloggers have been preferring for very long. It has a very strong battery that can capture up to 920 images before it would die. The screen on this camera is highly optimized for customer usage and AF software is pretty accurate. The recording can be done at 1080p for the entire time at 24, 25 or even 30fps. Any vlogger who longs for better image quality can opt for canon 70D irrespective of the type of YouTube channel.

Canon 80D:

Another up-gradation on the list is 80D which is an expensive DSLR camera and does justice to the 70D. It hikes the specs on 70D in all aspects and makes it worth the price. The camera sounds extremely good on paper and performs just as good. It goes up to 60 FPS and supports dual pixel CMOS autofocus. This helps it in having a continuous transition of scenes and have zero blur points in the shoot. The LCD screen is inherited from 70D and so are other hardware details. It has an external mic port which allows you to take high-quality interviews and miss no detail. The large screen, natural focus, and professional sounding make it a worth-it deal.


When you want to start something big and create content that is not compromised at any level of production, then you might want to think over about the budget and look for what are the best options for YouTube content production. We are talking about a range of cameras which take the external mic, have extremely stable handling, can be used manually at all standards and go at different locations to shoot confidently. If you want the best that money can buy then here are the most refined suggestions for you.

Sony a7R 2:

Cameras by Sony have been taking over the high-end cameras market for ages and mirrorless cameras have performed just as expected. Both vloggers and photographers have been using the aR7 and their videos are of fabulous quality. It is easily carried a camera that has 42.2 MP lens resting in the front. It is a better modular camera that can accommodate lens from other brands too. This fact makes it a completely professional camera. It has image stabilization which works consistently. It can expand its handling range in terms of ISO to a huge number of 25,600 video model. All of this makes it a much portable DSLR.

Sony a7R 3:

A bit more expensive than the a7R 2, this camera has a lot to talk about on the technical side. It has options to redo a lot of things manually post-production. The best factor of its content is the dynamic range which can be described numerically as 14-stops. The gamma-featured mode has made advancements while doing actual photography. The details that are blocked in any other usual camera re-exposed by a7R 3 and the blown-out shadows and light are allowed to make the picture better. All of the detailing doesn’t make the picture look saturated and keeps the natural profile of every scene. The autofocus capabilities are well-matched by the high resolution of content and altogether the a7R 3 is amazing yet hiked on price deal.

Panasonic Lumix GH5S:

A very premium option for YouTubers that has everything to love about it. Inheriting everything about the previous models of this series it has a layer of perfection that adds-up and makes it a perfect videography cam. It has a great range for a recording that extends from 240 fps for full HD recording to 60 fps in 4K UHD recording. It has one setback from the GH5 that is lack of stabilization that was built-in previously. However, the GH5S has a better slow-motion quality that is marked at 10x.


As the name suggests, C100 is camcorder that is rated as the best one in this particular category. It has sold many pieces and is famous among serious bloggers who are attempting to make their videos better and better. It includes a flip screen that helps you track every scene and in addition to this, it has ISO of about 80,000. With autofocus to match all of this makes it a complete camera.


The wait is over. Here is the best camera that could be suggested to a vlogger or YouTuber, in general, to shoot their videos on. The Canon C200 is probably an edge over what you need to shoot your vlogs. It is good enough to be used for a formal cinematic experience. It has versatility in design and handling. The C200 takes crystal-like 4K videos as UHD and full HD videos in MP4 format. It is a complete gear system that maximizes its functionality. It has a great electronic viewfinder and monitor that makes the production process much easier. It has different ports for external additions and an ergonomic grip built to handle this massively productive camera. The ISO is measured at 102,400 which is numerically the best one on this list. Altogether there is nothing that you can complain about in this camera.


YouTube has become the strongest media platform for content producers. Not only for entertainment but education, awareness, and science too. Almost every company and institution has YouTube to reach the maximum audience. In the past decade, individual emerged as some of the most creative and innovative YouTubers and took the platform to a much greater level. These cameras will help you join that few people who impact the world with their content.