The superstar of the gaming industry is back. Gaming technology has created an active and profitable market space for games, PC’s and consoles alike. While most users still prefer PC over dedicated gaming consoles, we have good news for long-line and professional gamers. Sony has hinted PlayStation 5 release date in 2020 and the news is certain. It was during the latest analysis interview of Sony analyst Hideki Yasuda where he intentionally broke the silence about Sony’s upcoming plan for their gaming fans around the world. It was later verified from sources that the Sony PS 5 is expected to launch in November of 2020 which will revolutionize gaming experience for a long time. Let us go ahead and see what can be expected from the most advanced play station that Sony has named.

The already very good PS 4 had only one competitor, the Microsoft XBOX. Both the consoles had similar specs and strengths but the Sony PlayStation 4 was arguably better. It had better multimedia experience and provided better control option to the user. However, PS 5 has already indicated that these consoles are now outdated and need an up-gradation. Sony claims that their next PlayStation 5 would 4 times as strong as the current best consoles. Another leak was witnessed and for the first time benchmark score of any console hit a 5 digit figure. Regardless of how true this leak is, it has given an assurance that PS 5 will be released next year and only then we will find out how true these claims are.

Yasuda’s report also spoke about sales expectations that Sony has from their upcoming flagship console. It estimates to sell more than 6 million consoles in the immediate period after the launch of PS 5 and around 20 million in the following year which is insanely high for the gaming market. This would result in a very strong start ahead of competition between the PlayStation itself and the next console by Microsoft XBOX series which is lightly rumored.


Unlike other gadgets, gaming consoles are highly dependent on their specifications. It is unreal to expect a held back spec on paper to perform well with games that are developing everyday with better resolution, graphics, and enhanced spec demand.

As suggested by leaks and sources the Sony PS 5 should be powered by 8 core, 7nm AMD CPU which works on the same microarchitecture as that of Ryzen gaming series. As an extension to these specs, it will be rocking an AMD Radeon graphics that promises to support ray-tracing which will double the pleasure of watching these games. This technology makes the entire gaming graphics more original or closer to real life. With lights and depths in the game gaining this amount of detail, it will give more confidence to game developers to introduce challenging gaming conditions. In addition to this, the console will enclose high-end SSD storage which has been an issue with current gaming consoles.

This silicon power will load games buttery smooth and encourage zero frame drops even at higher-end settings. As far as the cooling technology is concerned, it is of turbo strength and can easily handle over 8 hours of constant gaming at default settings for any game.

After reviewing all the technical aspects and popularity it burns down to the price of PlayStation 5. Well, it is great news for professional gamers especially in the US who will have the first hands-on opportunity for powering PS 5 at $500. Yes, the price is strongly rumored to be $500 or less which is fabulous for the quality and standards that this console promises. It is very clear why Yasuda is expecting millions of sales in the initial stage on PS 5. It will be a treat to watch gaming technology packed in a price that reasonable that too in 2020.


After God of war, Assassins Creed and Uncharted 4, GTA 6 will be entering to challenge beastly specs and technology of the next generation gaming consoles. GTA is by far the most famous and vast gaming experience of any games. Not only will it challenge it with graphics and impeccable gaming conditions but also with a run-time that comes with user addiction to the game. Games make gaming consoles better and it is never the vice-versa. Unfortunately, GTA 6 is nowhere close to being launched or even leaked properly. At this instance, we only know about certain locations that the free-zone famous GTA might exhibit and the kind of graphics that it is designed with.

We are sure that gamers are already impatient for this PS 5 + GTA 6 combo. By the end of 2019, we are sure that Sony will give potential news about their PlayStation and the last quarter of 2020 will witness an advanced gaming experience. Until then let us know what you think the PS 5 will welcome.