Every Indian student who makes a list of countries and universities to pursue their undergraduate abroad cannot miss Germany. German universities have gained immense reputation among international students. Students from around the globe, especially India have chosen Germany over any other European country. This is because of its excellence in certain fields and affordability. The country has grown into a strong economy over the years and optimized their education system for an unmatched international experience. The fact that all public universities in Germany provide free education draws the attention of every student. With more than 18,000 Indian students enrolling every year, this is the new hub of Indian students in Europe.

Indian students find all their factors for a great education getting satisfied in Germany. The country has produced some great engineers, doctors, and scientists. The standards of research education in German universities makes a student want to continue their education in the country. After completing graduation from Germany, students have a lot of advantages to apply for further studies here. Computer Science and Industrial engineering are at their peak. Both the fields experience most bachelor’s applications. University curriculum is well refined to cope up with any education structure in the world. A lot of Indian students have stayed back after their bachelors to gain work experience. Germany has great international gateways that enable them to have international industrial relations.


A lot of students tend to finish their bachelor’s in their native country and then go abroad for masters. While this is one perspective, a much wiser decision would be gaining this experience during bachelors. A foreign education is valued more because of the all-round development that it brings. There are a lot of reasons to consider Germany for your bachelors, let’s have a look.

Planning bachelors in the UK or the USA can be very expensive. If you don’t get a scholarship the expenses for 4-year duration might burden your education. Usually, American, British or even Australian universities charge thousands of dollars as tuition fee. Moreover, accommodation in these countries is very expensive. On the other hand, Germany has eliminated all of these disadvantages. All public universities provide education for free. Your necessary deposits and insurance will cost you very less and all of this is irrespective of your country of residence. Being able to provide free education without any compromises on quality makes Germany a unique study abroad experience.

Working while still studying is something that every country is flexible to reduce the financial burdens of students. Being able to work comfortably after completion of your degree is not an easy task. America, England, Australia, and a few other developed countries are very stubborn in providing visa and job. European countries are much better to work after completion of your studies.


A lot of German universities require 13 years of education for their undergraduate programs. Indian education provides 12 years of schooling. There are few German languages and education institutes in Delhi and other major cities. Students have an option of studying there for one year or coming to Germany to get the same education and certification. This will help you in applying for undergraduate programs, learning German and getting ready for the entire study-abroad experience in Germany.

Studying bachelors in Germany qualify you to continue your education or work anywhere in the world. Indian students find it easy to adjust in Germany because of the number of Indian students who already study in Germany and their culture which is very welcoming.