Over the last couple of decades, Finland has emerged among the best locations to study. They have been able to maintain academic standards for both native and international students at a global level and are still improving. Finland is among the top 5 destinations to study in Europe, it is also ranked under 20 for best study destinations on any list. There are 2 factors that have helped Finland to gain this reputation, its academic approach, and international experience. Finland has a strong university curriculum for almost every course. Finnish universities offer most of their courses in both Finnish and English as the medium of instruction.

Universities in Finland are broadly classified as Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). The UAS primarily focus on professional courses. These universities have better follow-ups with industries which are recognized internationally. On the other hand, Universities tend to focus on higher education and research options. Just like Germany, Finland is trying to develop a rich research culture and compete for Nobel prizes and other scientific fields. Either way, all the universities are public universities and provide free education to students irrespective of their nationality. This makes Finland a very appealing option for students.


Only a few exception institutions are allowed to teach the specialized subject that they represent and are still designated as universities. They are considered prestigious and are supposed to be the best in their concerned fields.

1.    Hanken School of Economics

2.    Lappeenranta University of Technology

3.    National Defense University

4.    University of the Arts Helsinki

All the 4 universities mentioned above have different fields to offer. A lot of native students show interest to enter these universities due to the facilities and education they provide. Though these aren’t the oldest universities, they hold prestige because of their specializations. As the number of applicants increases every year, getting admission in these universities becomes competitive.


The universities that offer a much wider range of education touching every spectrum of science, commerce, and diverse subjects. These are bigger in campus size and have a number of international applications every year. Let us list a few of these universities, which are ranked as the best in the country.

1.    University of Helsinki

2.    Abo Akademi University

3.    University of Turku

4.    University of Jyvaskyla

5.    University of Oulu

6.    University of Vaasa

7.    Tampere University

8.    University of Eastern Finland

9.    Aalto University

10.    University of Lapland


As the third list of universities, we shall name the most asked about, applied sciences universities. Students coming from India, Singapore or other parts of the country show interest in them because of their technical courses and job opportunities.

1.    Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

2.    Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

3.    Haaga-Helia University of Applied sciences

4.    Savonia University of Applied Sciences

5.    Centria University of Applied sciences

6.    Lahti University of applied sciences

7.    Laurea University of Applied Sciences

8.    Novia University of Applied Sciences

9.    Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

10.    Humak University of Applied Sciences

There are a few more universities that can be explored. But the above-mentioned ones are the option to study in Finland. You can find almost any subject or course taught in Finnish or English in these universities. Clearly, Finland is developing as a great study-abroad destination. The free education that European countries provide has a few concerns about it. But Finland, Germany, France, and a few other countries have proved that financial barriers don’t compromise the quality of education. It’s a great experience for students to study and work in Finland.