Finland is an amazing European country which is ranked among the best countries in multiple lists. The country’s economy, education system, and foreign relations have seen overall development over the last decade. With diverse cultures and historical views nurtured with technology, studying in Finland is a dream come true for many students. It has been very practical in its education system. Education in Finland aims for excellence that provides unmatched opportunities to international students.

Statistically, 7 universities of Finland are ranked under 500 universities of the world. Student analysis and faculty structure of these universities are on par with any other country. Both education and physical features of Finland has attracted international students from India, China, Singapore, and even the UK. In 2017, more than 23,000 international students were enrolled in Finnish universities and the number is expected to cross 40,000 by 2020. It holds no economic barriers and encourages international students the education that they desire.

The universities in Finland also provide free education to both native and international students. Their system resembles that of Germany, where public universities have zero tuition fees and countable private universities charge a reasonable fee and offer world-class education. Free education of European countries as gained an immensely good reputation around the world and Finland is among the top ones. There is no compromise with student’s education here. In fact, the competitive curriculum and science and technology studies of few universities in Finland are as satisfactory as Canadian or English universities.


English is a common language around the globe. Almost every developed or developing nation uses English significantly and has also included the basics of it as a subject in their education. European countries used English as a medium of instruction only for postgraduate programs before. But with competitive growth, they adopted English for bachelor’s studies too. Today, Finnish universities have more than 600 courses to offer. This includes Engineering, Pure Sciences, Business, Commerce, Law, Training programs, teaching degrees, you name it. Being taught by world-class teachers the subjects and their curriculums are refined and on par with their standards. The good news for international students is that almost all of these courses are taught in English too. However, learning a new language is always beneficial and suggested. It will help you to have a better overall experience in the beautiful nation.


As an international student, you get enough freedom to make your education in Finland more rewarding and practical. While you are still a student, the government allows you to work part-time that helps in managing your expenses abroad. It can be between 18-25 hours in any part of the country and your security and proper pay are under the guidance of the government. During college holidays students are allowed to work full-time which encourages international students.

The scenario about working after education get a little more competitive. Working in companies, especially service based companies require a good level of management and proficiency. You will need Swedish and Finnish to have faster career growth. This applies to everyone who looks to seek a job in Finland or for the fact any foreign country. You should always know the language of the place.

To summarize, Finland is a beautiful, competitive and rapidly growing country. It is among the top 5 places to study in Europe and top 15 to study in the world by any reputed list. Their finely structured education and international experience cannot be ignored. With so many advantages and very few downsides, Finland is an amazing study-abroad experience. 


diverse cultures and historical views

more than 23,000 international students

free education to both native and international students

allows you to work part-time

among the top 5 places to study in Europe