Business schools and Technical institutes are the backbone of every country’s education. Obtaining a higher degree in business studies makes the student an asset to the industry. Business schools cannot stick to the orthodox methodologies of teaching. As the industry grows this education make advancements to benefit students and empower their careers. While India has IIMs, the best business schools in the country. They are very hard to get into and sometimes too academic in their eligibility criteria. What about the students who wish to seek education at global standards and couldn’t get into such high-demanding business schools?

Going abroad and studying in a global institute is already becoming an efficient option for students who wish for practicality in their learning. France is the seventh fastest-growing country in the world. It has some of the most innovative universities that help to strengthen their economy and pave their path to excellence.


IMT, BIMTECH, NIRMA and few other business schools in India are the best options to choose from. These institutes have good standards but lack in areas of competence and exposure to students. At the end of your education, you will be certified with a diploma which is not among the strongest qualifications to hold. These universities are not ranked even in the top 150 business schools in the world which is bad considering their advertisements and campus sizes. Because of their pan India approach, the student diversity in these schools is almost zero. The result is a high tuition fee for a bad return on investment. The chances of approaching investment banking companies are not even close to some better institutes of the country.

The lack of expansion of these business schools gives students drastic government support for funding and improvement of education here.

On the other, French Business schools have improved immensely over the past decade. France has been a favorite study abroad destination for students who love French culture and visionary education. French business schools require skilled students with a good academic record. Grenoble, Skema, IMT Paris and many other schools welcome students with more entry-level exam options and overall student track record. These business schools are ranked among the top 100 in the world and a few of them are ranked among the best business schools in the continent.

Because of their global standards and recognition, students from more than 60 different nationalities could be found here. This adds to the unmatched international exposure that students studying here experience. There are 100s of course options to choose from that range from full-time degrees to academic training and specializations.

Indian students who choose France for their further education are rewarded with scholarships from the universities and government to fund their education. Because of the flexibilities in their system, students get to work part-time while studying. All of these factors reduce financial burdens and provide world-class education.

As one of the leading education consultancies in Punjab, Edufinn suggests French business schools over average Indian business schools. With excellent job opportunities, the chance to learn new languages and traveling different parts of the world, studying in French business schools is a great experience.