OnePlus 12R fingerprint issue to be resolved in next software update

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 12R at the end of February in India. This latest flagship OnePlus device comes with some great specifications and features. Some users in the OnePlus community were complaining about fingerprint-related issues with the OnePlus 12R.

According to the official post of the OnePlus community, a user’s OnePlus 12R can also be unlocked with an unregistered fingerprint, to which OnePlus replied, “Thank you for your feedback. To solve the issue for now, we recommend deleting the current fingerprints on the device and re-enrolling them. Please ensure your fingers and the phone screen are clean before re-enrolling. Additionally, we will implement improvements in the subsequent software update. Please wait patiently and upgrade once the update is available for you. If you still have problems with the next version, please capture the log in the feedback toolbox and submit your feedback.”

If you have problems like this with the OnePlus 12R’s fingerprint unlock feature, you can also use this officially given method, and if it’s not fixed, you can wait for the next update, which will solve this problem.

OnePlus has a good update policy for its midrange and flagship devices. OnePlus 12R will get 4 Android updates and security updates for 5 years. But sometimes it takes time for the update to be rolled out on all OnePlus devices. 

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