Meta AI: How You Can Use It on Instagram

Instagram has now started rolling out its most eagerly anticipated update. The Meta AI is now available for many users on Instagram, or if your Instagram is not showing, you should update the app to the latest version. Meta AI can be used in Instagram to create generative AI images; it is capable of giving you the best answers to your questions and many more.

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This feature allows users to use Instagram more effectively with AI-powered recommendations. So the question is: how can you use the Meta AI feature in your Instagram account? We have some screenshots that can help you find out how you can easily use this new AI feature.

Instagram: How To Use Meta AI

    1. First, open Instagram.
    2. Now, tap on the messages.
    3. Here you can see the Meta AI icon starting on the search bar.
    4. Now, tap on the Meta AI icon.
    5. Finally, you can ask or create anything with this new generative AI feature.

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