HyperOS launcher new update available with bug fixes

HyperOS is Xiaomi’s latest popular custom Android skin. The new version of the HyperOS launcher is now available for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices. The latest update to the HyperOS launcher comes with some bug fixes.

The HyperOS system launcher is updated with a new version number, V4.39.14.8049-04012001. And users have to download only 23.6MB of the app update size. With the fixes we previously found, it should be more stable for your smartphones. You can go to our Telegram channel to download this latest update.

Keep in mind that this type of app or launcher didn’t work for many users. It depends on its region’s availability, compatible devices, and more. Some users also face issues while installing without official availability. HyperOS Launcher is a system launcher. It is not necessary that this version be supported by your device.

We suggest you download the latest apps or launchers from the official source, app store, or Google Play Store. If you download from the official store, it may not harm your devices and should run smoothly without any lag or bugs.

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